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I Lift My Glass To The Awful Truth Which You Can't Reveal To The Ears of Youth

(Except To say It Isn't Worth A Dime)

Sailor Gaia
12 May 1983
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Hi! I'm Sailor Gaia and I live and work in Central Illinois with my husband & dog. I consider myself a grounded, fun person who has a high regard for laughter. I enjoy discussions about deep topics as well as the light-hearted matters, but prefer the latter.

A minority among fellow geeks, I am proud to call myself Christian and a conservative. I don't like to talk about politics but I am always willing to chat about my faith. I would describe myself as the American definition of an "otaku" (i.e. a fan of Japanese animation) and have been into anime and anime-fandom for well over a decade now. As I have always enjoyed the art of costuming and fashion history, cosplay has become one of my biggest passions. It has allowed me to explore the world of crafting and design but also has given me an outlet to connect with a variety of different people across the United States and beyond through a shared fandom. Outside of cosplay I hike, camp, read a ton of classic novels, and am a huge movie-nut.

I've maintained this journal for over a decade now and sometimes review its oldest contents for a laugh. I find it somewhat cathartic as I some proof that I've been able to change over time. While I don't update very often, I still encourage you to drop me a line sometime. I love making new friends!
3x3 eyes, abenobashi, acting, ah! megami-sama, akazukin cha cha, american history, angelic layer, anime, anime central, anime conventions, art, ashes to ashes, asian dramas, asian kung-fu generation, astronomy, ayashi no ceres, bad family, bakuretsu hunter, baroness orczy, baseketball, bastard, berserk, billie piper, bishonen, black hills, black hills south dakota, bottle fairy, boys be, camping, cannibal the musical, captain charles king, captain tylor, card captor sakura, castle of cagliostro, chobits, christians, civil war reenacting, clamp, classic books, colorado, comic party, conservative, cosplay, cowboy bebop, dance, darkstalkers, deadwood, devil beside you, di gi charat, doctor who, dragon half, dragon pink, eastern illinois university, eiu, entertainment, excel saga, final fantasy, flame of recca, fruits basket, fushigi yuugi, gabriel knight, gallforce, georgetown, ghost in the shell, grace livingston hill, grave of the fireflies, guns, gunsmith cats, harold lloyd, hellsing, history, history's strongest disciple kenichi, horses, house, houshin engi, humanities, hyper police, intial d, inu yasha, jane austen, japanese dramas, jesus, john simm, jpop, jrock, kamikaze kaito jeanne, karaoke, kareshi kanojo no jijou, kim myung min, kodomo no omocha, korean dramas, life on mars, manga, marmalade boy, matsumoto jun, matt stone, mel brooks, mike he, move, murder city, north and south, oh my goddess, orgasmo, original star wars trilogy, otaku, outlaw star, painter of the wind, parkland college, perfect blue, pokemon, ranma 1/2, reading, republican, rpgs, s#arp, sailor moon, sakura wars, scarlet pimpernell, scooter, scryed, shiina ringo, show boat, slayers, smashmouth, south park, spin and marty, swords, taiwanese dramas, team america: world police, techno, tenchi muyo, the master, theater, those who hunt elves, trance, trey parker, trigun, turbo, utada hikaru, vampire hunter d, vampire princess miyu, video games, video girl ai, violinist of hamelyn, weapons, westerns, whitest kids u'know, wild west, xenogears, yoko ishida