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The Purpose of My List

  • Inspired by the great cranberrysheep's drama list,

  • I realized I'd seen quite a few dramas & that it would nice to have a place where I could review/rate them for other drama lovers.

  • Before You Read Please Understand...

  • This list represents my opinions and feelings & mine alone.

  • I admit I am opinionated but I am also objective.

  • My lists are never complete (I've seen more than I have reviewed here.)
  • I realize that I make grammatical & spelling errors but I do come back and fix them.

  • I like to update this list a lot so keep coming back for more!

  • Thanks, cranberrysheep, for this great idea!!

    Currently Watching:

  • When It's At Night
  • (Half way through)
  • Nine Tailed Fox
  • Wondering if I should continue...
  • Easy Fortune Happy Life
  • If this show keeps going the way it has, I will take back what I said about Chen Qiao En’s dramas. It's been really good...
  • Cinderella Man
  • Two episodes in and I'm realizing that Korea got their fairytales mixed up; this is really much more the Prince & the Pauper. Addition: Now halfway through; They're sinking my ship!! Stop liking her!!! D:

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    I'm Sorry to Neglect You, My Precious

    I realized for about two years now I have neglected my precious LiveJournal; the place where I used to catalog all my coolest thoughts and thereby have a record of my awesomeness to revel in. It really hasn't been because I've been too busy to write; it's because Facebook got easier to update. I blame you for everything, Facebook! Anyway, thought I'd take a break from things and make an update (because the world was just waiting for an update from me!) ....../sarcasm

    Here is a list of things that have occured in the last two years which I feel important to document:

    01.) I got married. :D
    02.) We honeymooned. ;D
    03.) I moved.
    04.) I found a new job. >o<
    05.) We got a puppy! (We named her Tenma. <3)
    06.) I discovered I hated my new job...but still loved my puppy.
    07.) I became an aunt!
    08.) We put our house up for sale.
    09.) It sold in 6 weeks!! XD
    10.) We had trouble finding another house to buy. :C
    11.) Brandon's parents offered to sell us their house. :O
    12.) We bought their house & moved both them & us!
    13.) .....I GOT A NEWER & BETTER JOB! *o*
    15.) We spent the summer removing wallpaper and repainting.
    16.) We took a vacation to Colorado and had a blast!!
    17.) I am about to become an aunt againnn~~

    Really, it's been an interesting and exciting time of my life--I'd say the best! We have been really busy but look forward to being less busy than we were this summer. I perhaps should write down some of my experiences regarding the job I had for 15 months before I lose them to time and memory lapses. I never met a more miserable lot of people nor felt like crying on a regular basis more. Things are much better now and so much more comfortable. I can't wait for all the new & exciting stuff we've got planned for 2013!

    In the meantime, anyone still using LiveJournal?

    The Story of My Love

    Like any girl who has a romantic vein in her, the story of her love is something important and fun to tell. As this is something I will most likely look back upon for years to come, I have taken the time to pen (errr..type) the story of my amour with my now fiancé, Brandon. I really hope and pray this is the only story of its kind I ever have to tell. If you just want to read the engagement story, click HERE, but to get a full perspective, you can read on and get the entire picture.

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    So, the date that I never thought would happen to me for a long time (if ever) happened. It’s so nice finally being able to be out in the open about our plans. It’s still hard for us to call each other “fiancé” but nice to feel like we’re coming to the end of our long courtship journey. Mom has already put together my wedding plans and everyone has been really supportive and excited for us.

    I hope soon I can feel like a real bride-to-be; I’m still stuck at his doorstep with my mouth open agape trying to find the words. The date we’re thinking is sometime in April. Honestly, more than the dress or the flowers or anything, I’m excited for the cake. After that, the many, many years of being with someone who makes you feel like the world is your oyster.
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    Coming Soon...

    If you read my Facebook, you probably read that Brandon & I decided to take the leap and get engaged. A few of you expressed a wish to hear some details and your interest really touched me. I will document it a bit better soon as I want to write it up in superfluous detail (y’know, Twlight style)! I'm really happy to finally come out and talk about the excited things we've only really touched on in secret as of yet and am really humbled by everyone’s kind response to the news. It’s so weird thinking of myself as engaged; I’m still getting used to the whole “fiancé” word. So excited to dish all this stuff soon!
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    Dragon*Con & Vacation 2010!

    Back at work after another amazing vacation! It was really cool to share the Dragon*Con experience with Brandon this year and we saw a lot of crazy and amazing stuff. He said he had a blast—so did I! We also shared a cold towards the end of it (boooo~ ;o;) but that didn’t stop us from having fun times in Gatlinburg Tennessee before coming home! Most of my pictures are of the hiking so I refer you to Brandon’s Facebook for con pictures. He had a blast taking photos of like...everything XD.

    The Awesome: Getting to see a live MST3K showing, all the fantastic cosplays, The Vortex Bar in Atlanta, The Atlanta Aquarium, spending quality time with Brandon.

    The Suck: Sore throats, my stomach acting up (when have I *not* been nauseous this past year? ;A;), the Hard Rock Café (overpriced shitfood!), not being able to cosplay save one day.

    He so wants to go back next year so hopefully we can make that happen. It sucks to be home but I’m happy for the memories. Now this weekend we have the first of the three weddings/receptions I must attend in the couple of weeks! I’m hoping it won’t be freezing because I just realized the outfit I packed is for warmer weather. :\


    I thought it was high time for a good old post to the LJ, being so neglected these past months. The reason being is that a lot has been going on so perhaps it would be good to document it? So far this summer has been full of me trying new stuff and going places I've never been before. It's been a lot fun and a constant adventure!

    First and foremost, I recently changed jobs (same company, different department) in early May. Got the news the morning of ACen, actually and I was thrilled, considering I applied at the last minute and there were quite a few applicants. The reason for the move was that I was slowly seeing my position disappear and I kept receiving more and more assignments that were, frankly speaking, beneath me (only considering my schooling and what I was being paid). I am more happily situated now and I can say, getting a raise & having an office to my own makes me feel pretty darn satisfied.

    Brandon & I continue to have our wild and crazy weekend adventures. He continually keeps it interesting by pushing my physical limits and so far I've been able to meet them. It always amazes me about him that being a very serious geek, he is also somewhat of a sportsman. I think the sports thing has more to do with his upbringing, considering he's the only geek in his family. To me, it's perfect because I always wanted to be better at physical activities and he gives me the opportunity to push myself. These past few months in particular, we've hiked so many beautiful places, I learnt to rock climb, and we've taken up biking.

    We've been hiking since we met but we've also gone to quite a few exotic places of late. In particular we did another visit to Turkey Run in Indianapolis as well as Starved Rock in Ottawa, Illinois; two gorgeous locations with so much to see. It amuses us that we always start off the trails with a crowd of other people hiking along with us, but the further in we get, the more private it becomes. That has partly to do with the fact that you thin out the further you get in but also, as we noted, not everyone goes as far as we seem to, which is what makes it the most fun. I am further amused by the fact that lots of people like to hike in flip flops (ouch!), carrying infants (>.<), and while smoking (::cough::). Some like to do all three together (ToT). I wish I were kidding about that last one.

    The rock climbing was the thing I was most afraid of but let me tell you, every horrific aspect I had imagined about it was rather inaccurate. It is so much more controlled and safe than I previously thought. I think it also has a bonding element to it as you work in tandem with one climber & one "billeter" (one who controls your safety rope). You communicate with the billeter as you climb so if need a rest, they can give you one by locking the rope. The billeter also watches out for you as you climb so if you fall, they'll lock the rope to stop you. We climb in Bloomington where they've converted these old silos into some rather tall rock climbing rooms. I find that I can actually do pretty well but I'm so far from ever "free climbing." It shocks me how high you can actually get. o_o I think one of the best aspects of rock climbing is learning how to tie the fun figure-8 or "ten ropes" knot, which I find myself randomly doing whenever I have a long piece of string and some idle time.

    When Brandon heard that I wanted a mountain bike for my birthday (which my father generously gave me), he went out and bought a bike of his own so that we could bike together. It's funny how we interpreted "trail biking" so differently. I pretty much had this face on when he suggested we actually go "mountain" biking: :O . I mean, I bought the bike so I could do more than just typical terrain biking but serious trail biking was a big surprise to me. Thank God we cleared that up pretty quickly but of course not before trying it a little. I definitely I did better than I thought I was going to do but we're so not there yet. Since then we've done more moderate, more long-distance biking which has been really fun and only challenging when I seem to dehydrate a little and feel like I'm going to puke. :X

    I think Brandon & I are also becoming one of those "we"/"us" couples. It's hard not to do things without reference to him anymore because he is basically the other side to my life right now. Personally I think we make people puke because we're obnoxiously affectionate; hell, I'd be nauseated if I was watching us. Even still, Friday evenings & Saturdays continue to not be enough time spent with him. I just keep dreaming of the time when we can be together always. <3

    I've got big plans for the end of the summer with Dragon*Con. I'm going to (::crossing my fingers::) dabble in some Steampunk cosplaying and I'm finally getting around to making fixing up my Rabi~en~Rose costume to more accuracy. I am also finding myself in this odd rut where I can't seem to think of any other costumes I want to bring/make. I am so used to cosplaying in a group setting and most of my costumes are geared towards that so I'm at a loss. I can't think of any characters that I could do & I actually would appreciate any (serious) suggestions at this point. Nevertheless, I'm not going to sweat it. Even if I don't finish any costumes or I only bring one, I'm going to have a good time.

    I will be going to about three weddings in the fall and am currently working on Jessica's wedding dress. ::gulp:: I can't believe she wanted me to make it for her. I really hope she'll like it.

    I also can't wait to see Miri & the Iowa gang in a week for AI. It will feel a little disjointed as poor Liz cannot attend this year due to work (:C). Even still, the cosplaying will be fun.

    I'm really excited particularly for tonight as I get to try out a new restaurant I've been salivating for since June with two of my BFF's, Daron & Tori. We will be such a merry party!~ Hope everyone out there in the LJ world is doing well!


    It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything on LJ because it’s one of the new time-limited things on my work internet, which is basically the only internet I use day-to-day. Basically, we get about an hour a day in 15-minute segments for certain sites like Facebook or YouTube, and now LJ so as to make sure we’re not just goofing off online. I try never to go over the 30-minute mark so I’ve chosen to give Facebook the attention because I can connect with a broader audience. I am just grateful that hotmail or yahoo isn’t blocked because that would mean I’d really be left with no way to reach the outside world and when you’re stuck at a desk all day that can be hell.

    So I’m taking this minute and writing this up to explain the hiatus from my usual updating (or at least commenting on your updates). One day I might have internet at home so I can quit doing all my updates at work. …Maybe… when I’m dead.. ;o;

    As for a more personal update, ACen was awesome but far too short having to leave on Saturday. That was tough, saying goodbye before the fun had really begun! It had a bit of an effect on my mood, the rushing about to fit everything in that small time frame. I ended up choosing to back out of the Chrono Trigger photoshoot when I realized how freaking hungry I was. In the past I might have just gone with it but I’m glad for my decision in the end, especially with the thought that we’re going to wear these costumes again. I think they all turned out so well and I’m very grateful to mirisha for styling my wig for me. I’m also super grateful to everyone who stopped by at the party; I had a fantastic time as a “goth.” XD My first and last time doing that!

    My family sans myself are all on vacation as of Wednesday last. While I enjoy the fact I’m alone to myself and my own schedule, I admit I miss the company. Brandon came and entertained me last weekend and we ended up hiking all day at Turkey Run. It had poured the day before so it was really muddy and the water in the river, and consequentially all the streams, were ridiculously high. We got covered in mud and our shoes were soaked but we had a great time, despite both of us slipping and falling on the rocks at least once. My dogs went with us and had a fantastic time as well.

    I won’t see anyone again until Sunday so if anyone wants to hang out, give me a call. I feel guilty even petitioning in a way since I haven’t been the most available lately and have had to turn down a few invitations of late. Even so, I hope you guys are doing well and here’s hoping I can find the time to update my LJ a little more because frankly…I miss it.

    Uncle Tusky

    Uncle Tusky

    Soooooo… I’m so close to being done with ACen cosplay. I’m a little disappointed because I wanted to try to make the Miu/Renka costumes but once again, procrastination has pushed these back. Maybe the perfect opportunity to make them would be Anime Iowa? Ooooh well.

    Things I have yet to do are mostly on Ozzie; I’m working on his armor tonight having finished his cape the other day. I’m crossing my fingers it will work out like I want it to. For some reason I can’t really think of him as *Ozzie* anymore; I just refer to him as Uncle Tusky, despite Uncle Tusky being a Walrus. ^^; I am thinking that if any of the official ACen people see us in the hallways that we’ll get kicked out because honestly, to make Ozzie accurate, I had to make him 88” wide. ^^; He’s soft foam and smushes but still, I’m pretty sure if there’s a way they can bitch about it, they will. Besides, we’re doing outdoor photos, I believe, so we can say we’re on our way outside. I don’t think Liz would want to take photos inside the hallways anyway, being that her vision will be impaired. Fuck ACen staffers and there stupid (yet sound) rules. That’s a horrible thing to say but I’ve been going to this convention for 12 years and the way they get so bent out of shape makes me feel crotchety towards them.

    I’d really like one more costume to wear. I’m considering Ayeka again since I’ve worn her a grand total of two times and that’s sad for the amount of time Daron & put into those costumes. Maybe Thursday or something? I’d love to beg [Bad username: mirisha] to be able borrow her Jessica again because I tend to agree with [Bad username: emmylouangel] when she said it made her feel sexy. ^^; In any case, I’m crossing my fingers that Tori will have time to finish the sculpy rework on our medals for our Ninjetti costumes because we keep talking about how we’d love to wear those again but they really need just that one fix. At least I as able to find her really clear reference art for them this time.

    The only costumes I can count on bringing at this point are the Chrono ones, which makes it all worth it as making these costumes is like fulfilling a dream of mine since the game came out. Seriously; I used to always want to dress as Crono/Chrono for some reason; I think it was the red hair! ^^;

    Good luck with everything you guys have to do too! <3


    ACen is a little closer than I want it to be but I'm dealing. I'm glad I've been so productive but I dearly value these breaks I've allowed myself on the weekends where I get to see Brandon and all we do is just *chill.* I come back on Sunday so re-energized and I get a lot done without burning out. I'm very pleased.

    As for progress, I have one or two small things to do on Chrono, mostly painting his sword (a wooden bokken with a sheith I purchased off of amazon), making his armbands & green spats. His tunic, shirt, satchel, and scarf are complete. I've been trying to match Avi's just a bit because of the fact we're wearing these as a group & Chorno and Lucca are Bff's so I wanted them to look like they bought their clothes from the same Old Navy (XD) but I've also kept to the design too (meaning I didn't just copy her's :B). I'm pleased with the result. Marle is also finish, sans one pants leg's elastic because I was so tired at midnight last night that I couldn't stand pricking my fingers with needles anymore and didn't want to bleed all over that deliciousy snow-white material. I've had her try it on and we're both happy with how it looks.

    This Sunday I start Ozzie (his clothes only as Liz is making his head/tail/feets/hands). I'm a little worried but probably unsoundly because it really is an easy design but then again I said that about Marle's and I nearly went crazy with it (the whole seamless top did not translate well in my head then I made it two pieces that's hidden easily by the belt and it suddenly made me wonder why I had such trouble.) I'm going to give him a foam mumu underneath so that he'll be super-rotund! I hope it works as I envision! :>

    Well, tonight will be bitchin'(new)Freddy Krueger watching, awesome foods, and a delicious boyfriend. ....You heard that right. ;D So can't wait!

    Cuz All My Friends Are Doin' It...


    Pick 10 movies/anime/video games/literary works, post their summaries from Better Than It Sounds, and have your friends guess WITHOUT CHEATING.

    You guys know the drill. These are actually sorta easy come to think of it...

    1.) Guy decides he wants a woman stronger and more resolved than the ex who broke his heart. He is wrong. Persuasion dali_lamb

    2.) A hobbit and his friends try to find some treasure that was buried in a cave. They end up not getting to keep much of it. The Goonies tehboypop

    3.) The same story of a boy saving a girl from a pig, told over and over again six or seven times. The Legend of Zelda lil_senmurv

    4.) Overdeveloped girls in underdeveloped uniforms live vicariously through past-life regression. Sailor Moon paradoxymoron

    5.) A girl has to figure out how to get possessed by a bird. Fushigi Yuugi cranberrysheep

    6.) A boy wants to be a hero, so an Evil Overlord obliges him by stealing his girlfriend. Lunar emmylouangel

    7.) Special police officer searches for interplanetary criminals seeking their parents. Fans try guessing his true nature and are doomed to fail. Blade Runner dali_lamb

    8.) A spy loses his job and tries to find out why while helping the helpless. Burn Notice cranberrysheep

    9.) A farmboy seeks his destiny. ::giggle:: Star Wars lunaladyoflight & paradoxymoron

    10.) A guy minding his own business gets roped into reclaiming a mine. The Hobbit dali_lamb
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